Rutger van Bostelen

Rutger van Bostelen, better known as M.I.D.O.R., started his musical career at the age of 12 by taking guitar lessons. His interest in electronic music grew which resulted in his first set of turntables at the age of 15. After 6 years of guitar lessons Rutger learned himself to play the piano as well. He became very interested in making his own electronic dance music and after buying a powerful computer and his first synthesizer, he started practicing and experimenting with his new found toys. Influenced by artists such as Ferry Corsten, Marco V and Ti보o, Rutger started to write his own tracks.

In 2002 Rutger met Eelke Kleijn in a large club in Amsterdam. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. After talking about their musical passions for a couple of hours they decided to join forces and started working together. They found themselves moving up the ladder pretty fast from then onwards.

Various releases, co operations, and remixes followed, for artists such as Lange, Talla 2XLC, Mike Koglin, Robert Nickson, Jose Amnesia, Octagen and Angel Sanchez. Their own ‘After Midnight EP’ on Duty Free’s sub label Intensive Music was an amazing hit record, with ‘No Man’s Land’ in particular getting large support from Ti보o (playing it at his concert and often on national television). In 2005 their tracks ‘Breathing’ with vocalist Linn and the ‘Humanize EP’ on Five AM Digital again hit the spot. Major support came from all the usual suspects, including Marco V, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren and Deep Dish. Besides being known for their work as M.I.D.O.R., they are also involved in projects such as ‘Global Interference’, ‘Aegan’, ‘Phantom Force’, ‘Kamigawa’ and ‘Kleijn & van Bostelen’.

Next to his work as a producer, Rutger is an excellent DJ as well. He has played in front of immense crowds all over Europe and performed together with DJs such as Angel Sanchez, Ron van den Beuken, Brian Cross and others.